Listen to your private driving instructors

A lot of learners are complaining that their private driving instructors are not good enough. Some of them failed their first driving test, and went online to leave negative reviews for the instructors. I’m sure some instructors are at fault here. But I am also equally sure that some learners are at fault too.

Some learners do not pay enough attention during the driving lessons. Learners need to listen to their private driving instructors more. They need to show the instructors the basic respect they deserve. During the driving lessons, the learners need to give the instructors their undivided attention. Listen to everything the private driving instructors have to say. Apart from that, the learner needs to understand what the instructor is talking about. After understanding, the learner will need to remember it. Practice what the instructor has taught during the driving lessons. Be sure not to make the same mistakes the next lesson. Step by step, the learners will be making real progress.

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