Looking for good private driving instructors in Singapore

Looking for a good private driving instructor in Singapore? You have to do your research properly.

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It is a good bet approaching the driving match up agencies to recommend you private driving instructors. Most of them, like Sglearntodrive, has good private driving instructors. On the flip side, you can be meeting some not-so-good instructors if you chance upon their individual website or meet them face to face during your walk around in the neighborhood. Match up agencies will vet instructors before accepting into their network. Hence, credibility does increase when you approach the match up agencies.

Singapore’s Driving System

Singapore is a small yet powerful country. It is economically and militarily advanced, and it is well respected all over the world. Part of the reasons why Singapore is so successful is that it has systematic systems in place. In this blog, we are going to focus on Singapore’s driving system.

Due to its small land area, Singapore cannot allow too many vehicles on its road. The primary way the Singapore Government is controlling the number of vehicles is through its Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system. At regular intervals, the Government will sell these COE to its people. It will be a bidding system where the highest bids get to receive the COE. Having COE allows the owner to own and drive a vehicle in Singapore for 10 years. When the COE expires, the owner will have to get a new one in order to continue driving in Singapore. It’s a very smart move. Not only does it control the supply of vehicles in Singapore, it gives the Government an additional source of revenue.

It is very safe and relaxing driving in Singapore. The roads are well lit and drivers abide by the driving signals, rules, and regulations. There is a demerit system for drivers who break driving regulations in Singapore. These points reset on a yearly basis. If the drivers chalk up to 24 demerit points in any year, their driving license will be revoked. It’s pretty strict.

Another interesting thing is that carbon emissions of vehicles in Singapore are monitored. The vehicle owner will have to pay a higher tax if its vehicle’s carbon emission is higher. It’s the Government’s way of pushing people to switch to vehicles with lower carbon emissions to help to save the environment.